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Government Relations

The Michigan Boating Industries Association has worked hard to establish itself as "the voice" of both the marine industry and its consumers here in Michigan.

Through this voice, your association has taken a leadership role in making the leaders of our state and local government more responsive to the recreational boating community.

More often than not we are faced with a government which is working at odds with the interests of the recreational boating community. Because of this, an MBIA - Political Action Committee (PAC) has been formed as a means to exert more influence on elected officials and as a means of stimulating communication between candidates for office and the recreational boating industry from which we earn our living.

Member participation is essential to ensure the success of the MBIA-PAC. We solicit all members to contribute and to share opinions on issues facing our business community. Alone, interests can get lost in the shuffle but when a candidate receives contributions from the MBIA-PAC, there is no confusion about our issues.

MBIA-PAC ensures businessmen and women and their employees the opportunity to participate in the election of people who make decisions affecting our business and employment.

MBIA-PAC Contribution Form
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