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MBIA Comments on Torch Lake Sandbar Activity

Rep. Triston Cole from Mancelona recently called a roundtable discussion regarding the Torch Lake Sandbar. Some people are fed up with the excessive partying in this area. His goal was to facilitate a working meeting to find solutions for everyone. MBIA took the opportunity to communicate with Rep. Cole saying, "Recreational Boating has a $7.4 billion economic impact on Michigan's economy each year.  As we found out during the low water crisis, entire communities are dependent on boating activity including restaurants, hotels, gas stations, convenience stores, not to mention marinas, boat dealers, manufacturers.  Boating is also a heritage sport passed down from generation to generation.  It is important to the quality of life for our residents.  It takes people away from the screens and stresses in their lives, allowing them face-to-face interactions, making memories for a lifetime. Torch Lake is a very popular boating area and we commend you for your efforts to facilitate popular events to accommodate trash, safety, and to minimize disruptions for your constituents. However, equally important to note, many of your constituents likely have businesses in the area that welcome the visitors and the revenue generated by these events.  Additionally, many of your constituents likely live in this area because of the boating opportunities and events that surround these opportunities. If there is any way MBIA can help you in your information gathering on this topic, please let us know.  We have many MBIA members in your district and we have a tremendous amount of research we can offer to help you in your conversations."

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